fishing game


There was a time that fish game big machines popular among Myanmar, you can find at many internet cafes or amusement shops like Alibaba, Happy World. However, with the development of the internet and technology, the online fishing game has become the best choice for casino players, especially the young generation.

Joker123 online fishing game can play easily at any device and anytime, and this is why players love it the most. Also, the game graphic and shooting sound of the online fishing game is almost the same, and some are even better than fishing game big machines with no doubt. There are up to 16 types of fish themes with a different layout in our Joker123 online fishing game category, and you can always enter or switch the table as you want, we prepare enough sits for every player.

Furthermore, there’s not much choice you can find when you are in the shop, because it needs much space to put these machines. Usually, there are only up to three types of themes available, and you might play it for over a hundred or a thousand times. Moreover, if you keep switching between these tables, people going to throw an eye on you, which will make you feel uncomfortable.


As the best fish game betting product in Myanmar, Joker123 ensures that all our 16 types of the fish game casino can perfectly compare with machines and any other products. To do this, we improve our fish shooting feeling and make it as smooth as possible, so that you will see the shadow when a bullet shot out as a real gun hit on the fish.
Somemore, the display graphic of Joker123 fishing game casino is also one the value point that why it can be so popular in a short time. You can see the structure of every fish very clearly like fisheye, fish grill, fish fin, dorsal fin, fish teeth, as well as the tail. Further, there’s a King level fish in every theme, and all these fishes come with excellence¬†effects which will shock your eye for sure.
Besides, we are listing out fish odds, weapons, special crabs and special fishes in every map with an information icon, for example in Monster Revenge the highest payout fish which is King level fishes is 500 times of your bet, and you can choose the normal shooting speed gun, accelerate gun or lock specific target gun.


When you are shooting a fish for many bullets, but the fish go away with nothing happen, we know, it could be a wrong moment. For this reason, Joker123 increases the chance of the fish be hit, which means casino players can kill the Shark, Crab, Nemo, Jellyfish, Turtle, and Devil Fish very quickly and grab the winning money to pocket.
Thus, Joker123 Myanmar has prepared an auto-shoot function that allows players to take their hand out from the screen. Whenever you are going to have a short rest or going to the toilet, you can enable this function to let the gun shoot automatically by the shooting system. All these features and functions are design for the convenience of our fishing betting players.
If you are new to our online fishing game casino, you will surely find the way how to play with it within 2 minutes due to our casino game is user-friendly without any complicated operation. Once you login to our game, find the fish category and then choose the map you want to go inside, adjust the bullet amount, start playing! It applies to every device such as Huawei, XiaoMi, iPhone, Samsung, Shark, Oppo, and Vivo.


Joker123 makes every of your deposit worthy by giving a bonus for every deposit. Of course, if you’re a new member, your first deposit will credit an extra 50% bonus into account, and the maximum bonus that you can claim is up to 500,000 Myanmar Kyats (MMK). Additionally, a 10% reload bonus will automatically credit to your account whenever you deposit again.
To learn more about our bonuses and promotions, kindly proceed to our bonus page or contact our friendly customer service team in Myanmar, our terms and conditions are open to the public to ensure it’s fair to our players.